Now more than ever, our clients need comprehensive ABA services, especially with schools closed through September, at a minimum. We have modified our practices to minimize risks to our staff and families. At BBLC, we take the safety of our clients and staff during this COVID-19 crisis seriously. Some of the steps we have taken include:

  • Conducting health screenings daily with all staff and clients.
  • Requiring staff to be cleared by a physician to return to work for any illness.
  • Using PPEs including gloves and masks.
  • Following healthy hygiene protocols including proper and frequent hand washing.
  • Reducing the number of staff working with one family.
  • Sanitizing commonly touched areas or items regularly and throughout the day.
  • Employing social distancing practices all throughout our center locations to maintain safer distances between clients and staff.
  • Modifying drop off / pick up routines to reduce people gathering in common areas at our centers.

We understand the decision to access services during such an unprecedented time is a difficult and personal one. We are here to answer your questions and discuss your concerns at any point in time. Please contact Becky Beltz if you are interested in home services or services at any of our center locations including Newton, MA, Canton, MA and East Providence RI by emailing

We look forward to serving your family’s needs.

Thank you.
Dr. Maria MacLean