Early Intervention Specialty Services for Young Children with Autism


Early Intervention Specialty Services for Young Children with Autism

We are contracted with many Early Intervention Programs across Eastern Massachusetts to provide intensive ABA services to young children ages 0 to 3. This begins with a referral from the EI program assigned to the family’s residential area. We collaborate with the Early Intervention Service Coordinator and family throughout the Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) process to assess the child, develop treatment goals,and providedirect services and consultation to the family in order to promote a comprehensive approach to therapy. Our services are delivered within the client’s natural environment, often the home or day care setting.

We work on improving functional communication, language development, social, and play skills as well as independence with daily routines. Our programming may include a variety of instructional strategies that fall under the ABA umbrella.  These are evidence based strategies that include but are not limited to Discrete Trial Teaching, Natural Environment Teaching and Fluency Instruction.

Direct services are delivered by a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). Each client’s individualized program is designed and supervised by a BCBA regularly. Data collection is utilized to evaluate the child’s progress across each goal area and make changes as needed.

Autism Early Intervention Services