Center Based ABA Services


Center-Based ABA Services

Intensive Intervention Program

Boston Behavior Learning Centers is pleased to offer full-day comprehensive, center-based ABA services in a highly structured setting to young children up to the age of 6 years. Children will participate in one-to-one intensive behavior intervention with the support of a Registered Behavior Technician to foster the generalization of skills across different people and contexts. A BCBA is on-site to supervise and monitor each child’s program. We target many areas of the child’s development including language, socialization, play and self-help skills including toilet training. Parents are invited to participate in consultation services with the child’s BCBA at our center to observe their child’s program, discuss management of care as well as carry over of skills to the home environment. These services are offered at our Newton, Canton, East Providence, and Quincy center locations.

o Clients who receive services in our centers may be referred to access related services within our centers including speech and language therapy, feeding therapy and occupational therapy with our affiliate agency, Integrated Center for Child Development.

Center Based ABA Services Boston